Alexander Vinnik

Alexander Vinnik is the alleged owner of BTC-e. He was arrested in July 2017 accused of laundering billions of dollars through the exchange.


Alexander Vinnik was arrested in Greece in July 2017, accused of laundering billions of dollars in bitcoin through BTC-e. Authorities have alleged Vinnik is the owner and operator of BTC-e, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Russia and founded in 2011. They have also claimed that the exchange is linked to criminal activities.

The charges against Vinnik also accuse him of helping to orchestrate the hack of Mt. Gox, a digital currency exchange that was shut down in 2014 following a series of robberies.

However, Vinnik has denied all charges, describing himself as a bitcoin consultant who merely worked as a technician at the exchange, but was not its operator.

Russian-born Vinnik faces separate charges in Russia and the US. In December 2017, a Greek court approved his extradition to the US to face charges there.

In September 2017, BTC-e launched a new exchange, WEX.

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