Amir Taaki

Amir Taaki is a crypto-anarchist who was an early contributor to the bitcoin community. He is the co-creator of the anonymity-focused Dark Wallet and a supporter of the Rojava movement in northern Kurdistan.


Amir Taaki has been a contributor to the cryptocurrency community since its early days, having discovered bitcoin during a brief period as a professional poker player. Among his many projects around the bitcoin network, he developed a reimplementation of bitcoin's core code called libbitcoin and worked on the bitcoin client Electrum. He also submitted the first Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) in the bitcoin network.

Taaki founded the first UK bitcoin exchange, Britcoin, in 2011. Britcoin later became Intersango, where Taaki was a principal developer. Also in 2011, Taaki and Donald Norman established the Bitcoin Consultancy, a group focused on bitcoin project development.

In 2013, together with Cody Wilson, Taaki created Dark Wallet, a bitcoin wallet focused on anonymity. According to Taaki, the wider Dark Wallet project is still ongoing.

In 2014, Taaki and developers from bitcoin startup Airbitz created a prototype for a decentralised marketplace called DarkMarket, which was later forked to OpenBazaar by developer Brian Hoffman.

In 2015, Taaki took a break from the world of bitcoin, travelling to Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) to support the struggle of the the Rojava Kurds, whose revolutionary political beliefs he supports. Initially joining the frontline fight against ISIS, he later became involved with a number of community projects in the area.

Taaki returned to the UK in 2017 to continue work on Dark Wallet and other projects. He established an unnamed project, known as ‘the academy’, to bring bitcoin to Rojava as a new way to connect the community, as well as a fundraising tool that would circumvent Western sanctions on transferring funds to Syria.

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