Ben Davenport

Ben Davenport is an investor in the crypto space. He is also co-founder and CTO of BitGo.


In 2014, Ben Davenport co-founded BitGo, which makes multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets for enterprises. Initially Chief Product Officer, he is now the company’s CTO.

An early-stage investor, Davenport has invested in a number of crypto start-ups, including Ledger X, Lightning Labs and ZCash.

Davenport co-founded group messaging service Beluga in 2010 and was the company’s CEO until it was acquired by Facebook in 2011. He subsequently spent three years at Facebook as a software engineer before leaving to join BitGo.

Previously, Davenport had worked in software engineering for companies including Microsoft and Google. He also spent two years as an Analyst at Hudson River Trading, a high frequency trading firm based in New York.

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