Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton is the CEO of Chainstone Labs and Atlantic Financial. He is a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation and Medici Ventures, and the host of the Satoshi Roundtable event.


Bruce Fenton has worked in the investment management industry for over 25 years. In 1994 he founded Atlantic Financial, an economic consulting and wealth management firm. He continues to serve as the firm’s CEO. Previously, he worked at Morgan Stanley, specialising in emerging technologies and emerging markets.

Alongside his work at Atlantic Financial, Fenton is the founder and CEO of Chainstone Labs. The stealth mode fintech company focuses on blockchain, the tokenization of securities, and decentralized asset management.

Fenton has created a tool for analyzing the investment merits of coins, tokens, ICOs and similar projects, known as SPACESUIT X. Factors for evaluation include security, usability and technical specification.

Fenton is a board member at the Bitcoin Foundation, where he was Managing Director from 2015-2016. He also sits on the board of Medici Ventures, a subsidiary of, Inc., created to manage and oversee the company’s blockchain investments.

Since 2015, he has hosted the Satoshi Roundtable, an annual invitation-only blockchain industry retreat which he founded.

Fenton holds a BA in Management from Bentley University in Boston.

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