Bug Bounty Program

BlockchainBios pays out bounties to contributors who submit pull requests to fix errors or provide missing information.

Payment amounts:

- Improving word choice or flow: $1 and up

- Fixing a typo: $2 and up

- Adding important missing information: $10 and up

- Submitting a missing profile: $25 and up


- All amounts are listed in USD.

- Payments are made once per week.

- All payments are made in Bitcoin (BTC). To receive a bounty payment, include your address along with the pull request.

- If the ratio of payment to transaction fees is less than one-to-one, then payments will be held over until the contributor has additional bug bounty payments, or the price of transactions has gone down. If you wish to receive payment in a crypto currency with lower transaction fees, open up a [GitHub ticket](https://github.com/EveryBit-com/profiles/issues) with your suggestion.


THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT. Amounts may change at any time, for any reason, with no prior notice. If a pull request is low quality (at our sole discretion) we may not pay for it at all. We reserve the right to discontinue the Bug Bounty program at any time, with no prior notice. The exact amounts of bounty we decide to pay for pull requests are at our sole discretion. This is not a job.