Dmitry Buterin

Dmitry Buterin is an entrepreneur, Angel investor and mentor for blockchain startups. He is the co-founder of two organisations supporting blockchain innovation and education.


Dmitry Buterin is a mentor for blockchain startups and the co-founder of two Toronto-based organisations supporting blockchain innovation and education; Blockgeeks, an online hub for blockchain education and training, and L4 Ventures, a fund and incubator space for blockchain startups.

A serial tech entrepreneur and Angel investor, Buterin has invested in a number of startups in the blockchain space including Nuco, an enterprise blockchain platform, and Augur, a decentralised prediction market platform.

Buterin is the founder of Wild Apricot, a membership management software company serving small non-profit organisations. Wild Apricot started as consulting business BonaSource, with Buterin leading the transition to a software company in 2006. It was acquired by Personify in September 2017, and Buterin will be transitioning out of his role as CEO in early 2018.

Buterin studied Computer Science at the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering (MIET) and began his career in 1994 as a software engineer for DialogBank. He then spent three years at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting (now Accenture) as an ERP and financial computer systems consultant.

In 1997, he co-founded his first business, financial software reseller and consultancy Columbus Russia. He served first as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, and then a board member, until 2005.

Buterin has been based in Toronto since 1999 and has three children. His son, Vitalik, is the creator of Ethereum.

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