Nejc Kodrič

Nejc Kodrič is the CEO and co-founder of Bitstamp, a bitcoin exchange in Luxembourg. During his time as CEO he made Bitstamp the first licensed virtual currency exchange in the EU.


Nejc Kodrič and partner Damijan Merlak co-founded Bitstamp in 2011. The company is a bitcoin exchange that was founded in Slovenia before making its way overseas to the UK in 2013 and then Luxembourg in 2016 (the company has offices that operate out of multiple locations including one in New York). Bitstamp became one of the most widely used bitcoin exchanges across the globe and aims to offer its users the necessary trading requirements for using cryptocurrency.

In Kodrič's six years as CEO of Bitstamp he has overseen the business planning, capital expenditure, strategic direction, and allocation of the company’s priorities. He also led the company to becoming the first fully licensed virtual currency in the EU in 2016. Swissquote partnered with Bitcoin in 2017 to launch bitcoin trading. Together the duo allowed for customers to exchange bitcoin for euros and US dollars while Bitstamp offered technical support. Bitstamp also started a public funding campaign to financially support their decision to provide faster development of new products.

He previously worked for a company called GSračunalniki for nearly three years where he served as a the marketing director and co-founder.

He has spoken at several conferences including TechCrunch, Bitcoin Foundation, and FundForum International.

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