Sunny Ray

Sunny Ray is co-founder and president of Unocoin, a bitcoin company based in India.


Sunny Ray was born in Canada and studied electrical engineering at the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta. While he first worked in a financial brokerage, he came across bitcoin in 2011 and decided that he would make the move into the world of cryptocurrency.

Using their knowledge of the crypto and finance industries, Ray and co-founder Sathvik Vishwanath created Unocoin, a bitcoin wallet based in India. Unocoin was the first internationally-funded bitcoin start-up in India, receiving US$250,000 in investment from Barry Silbert in 2014. The company garnered attention from consumers in India and grew in success, becoming the leading bitcoin company in India. Ray is also the president of Unocoin.

In a 2015 interview, Ray identified India as one of the biggest unbanked populations in the world. By founding Unocoin in India, Ray made it the company's mission to improve financial inclusion in the country.

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