Tristan D'Agosta

Tristan D’Agosta is the founder and CEO of the digital currency exchange Poloniex.


Tristan D’Agosta founded the digital currency exchange Poloniex in January 2014 and is the company's CEO.

In March 2014, the Poloniex exchange was hacked and lost 12.3% of its total bitcoin supply. D’Agosta was generally praised for his open approach to communicating the attack with users. The company has since been linked to other potential security issues. A security review conducted by an anonymous source in 2016 claimed the exchange was insecure. In 2017, security researchers found fraudulent apps purportedly linked to Poloniex.

In 2015 the company changed its withdrawal policy and began asking for personal details, including names and addresses, for any users wishing to withdraw their currency. Following some negative responses from users on social media, D’Agosta responded with an open letter explaining that the change was due to U.S. financial regulations.

D’Agosta previously founded Polonius Sheet Music, a company that publishes classical sheet music. He also worked as a freelance composer and writer.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Rutgers University.

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